Università degli Studi di Palermo (UNIPA) is a consolidated cultural, scientific and educational presence in the center-west of the island of Sicily. The University title was granted by King Ferdinand II of Bourbon in 1806. Its 5 schools (Medicine and Surgery, which works in synergy with the General University Hospital, Polytechnic, Law, Social and Economic Sciences, Applied Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Heritage) and its 20 Departments cover the most important areas of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge.

About 122 courses are offered annually (first and second cycle), 44 masters and specializations and 23 doctoral courses, aimed at the formation of specific professional figures.

For several years, the Department of Psychological, Pedagogical and Educational Science has been involved in educational projects and activities at national, European and international levels on psychology and education. In addition, the Department has extensive experience on Emotional Intelligence and applied psychology to training. We can highlight the work of the researcher and professor Antonella D’Amico, member of the Scientific Board of The International Society for Emotional Intelligence and of the European Association of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Projects, who is also the Scientific Director of MetaIntelligenze Onlus. D’Amico also develops research activities in the field of education and Emotional Intelligence applied to education, work, social contexts and has carried out with her team numerous studies and research on EI, publishing books, measurement tools and scientific articles. She teaches the subject “Emotional Intelligence: tools and techniques” at the University of Palermo.

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