Next week our participants from Portugal, Italy and Spain were in Palermo for the Short-term joint staff Training Event of our project “Emotional Intelligence: educational tool for developing key competences”.

During last week, participants exchanged their good practices, knew the results of the local activities developed in each country and adquired new competences for carrying our a higher-quality work in the field of adult education.

The main objetives of the Training were:

The main objectives of the Training were:

  • To improve key competences of participants for their personal and professional development;
  • To offer and exchange good practices for using EI as a tool for developing key competences;
  • To provide participants new knowledge and competences for carrying out higher quality projects and/or activities;
  • To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge, good practices and competences between three Programme Countries.

The Training has been organized at the Faculty of Psychology of Palermo University, being Università degli Studi di Palermo the hosting organization, in collaboration with MetaIntelligenze Onlus.

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