During our coordination meeting with the partner organizations in Oporto  in november of 2018, we have developed different kind of tools for the collection of informations that they offered us about the situation of the emotional intelligence in their country/city. After the months of recieving informations and drafting the results, the next Sunday, the 31st of March we will start a Training Event in Palermo (Italy) ,which has a duration of 6 days, with the purpose of sharing the obtained results, the good practices of each country, carrying out an analysis about the difficulties and challanges of the implementation of the emotional intelligence (EI). In addition, we will know the academic suggestions what were made by the Universities (Palermo, Oporto, Málaga) about the inclusion of the EI in the different levels of the educational system. On the other hand we will have the opportunity of interact with the students and local partner organizations who are interested in this topic.

Shortly we will share more information.

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