During the project partner organizations, we have reflected on what would be the proposals to improve the knowledge of the general population, the training of educators, the expansion and inclusion of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in educational programmes, both system regulated education, as well as other adult education programmes, professional training, associations, etc.

A full detailed list are going to be included in the eBook of the project, however, some of the improvement proposals are:

  • To implement EI as a subject in early childhood education and in primary education in whole Spain;
  • To develop systematic evaluations to analyse the benefits of the implementation of the subject in schools.
  • To develop specific material for teachers;
  • To create a teacher specialized in emotional education for secondary education
  • To implement two levels of training in EI similar to language accreditations.
  • To introduce the rule that all university students have to take at least 3 credits in the field of social skills/Emotional Intelligence
  • To create a positive and shared emotional atmosphere within the working group.
  • To develop audio-visual material to share the benefits and importance of EI with the public.

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