In the framework of this Project, partner organizations identified existing good practices, where Emotional Intelligence has been included in training programmes in the field of adult education. They could select a project, an activity, a workshop or some specific methodology created or used by the organization itself or by a local partner. All organizations used the same tool to collect the necessary information.

The selected good practices are:

  • Intemo and Intemo+ Programmes: with 12 annual sessions of one hour per week, their main purpose is to train Emotional Intelligence skills (perception, use, understanding and handling of emotions).
  • ReflejArte (Reflectart): it is one of the tools of the programme designed by Fundación Botín to foster creativity and develop empathy, self-confidence, identification and emotional expression, decision-making, self-control and social skills.
  • Mentoria: it aims to support new students of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto from the first day they arrive at the university and stimulate, throughout the academic year, healthy practices in the experience of higher education.
  • UpGrade: it is a programme for the promotion and development of social skills (soft skills) aimed at employability and training of students, built under the motto of the development of personal and professional skills.
  • MetaEmozioni: a set of methods for the promotion of emotional and meta-emotional intelligence created by D’Amico and collaborators.

Detailed information about each good practice will be included in the final e-Book of the project.

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