Last week we hosted in Málaga (Spain) the final meeting of our project “Emotional Intelligence, educational tool for developing key competences”.

The main objectives were:

  • To make the project public and to promote reflection on the creation of programs and modules where Emotional Intelligence is a cross-curricular educational tool that facilitates the development of key competences;
  • To evaluate the project and achievement of results;
  • To specify activities for follow-up and sustainability of the project;
  • To generate ideas for future projects.

For achieving it, we had two types of activities:

  • Internal working sessions with project partners where we evaluated the project using the SWOT analysis tool, the level of cooperation and the achievement of results. We also reflected on the future of the partnership and next steps to take for future projects. We all agree on the need to develop an online training platform on Emotional Intelligence.
  • Final Conference for making the project public and promote the reflection on the creation of programs where Emotional Intelligence is a tool that facilitate the development of key competences and the need to include it in the formal educational system.

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