MetaIntelligenze: Centro Studi Internazionale ONLUS” is a non-profit organization situated in the island of Sicily (Italy). Its purpose is to promote all kinds of intelligences by improving cognitive and emotional processes that allow people to achieve a harmonious development in their life. The entity emphasizes the resources, rather than the limits, of each person in order to raise awareness about their potential and the ability to manage cognition and emotions.

The activities of MetaIntelligenze ONLUS are especially aimed at people with fewer opportunities and at risk of exclusion due to their physical, mental, economic, social and family conditions.

The priority target groups are children, as well as teenagers with different types of cognitive, sensory or learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and social disadvantages. At the same time, they also work with teachers, educators, psychologists and other professionals in the field of education to improve their professional skills.

MetaIntelligenze Onlus currently has nineteen partners actively collaborating in the performance of the different activities: two university researchers, a researcher of the National Research Council, ten psychologists, a psychomotor therapist, a psychiatric rehabilitator; an ICT engineer and three school teachers.

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